My Web Series

A few summers ago I read an interview with Talladega Nights director Adam McKay. He said:

“It’s not about who you know at all [initially]. It’s really about jumping in and doing it, just starting to write, make sketches and movies, and putting them up on the internet no matter who or where you are. You just have to start doing it.”

Before I read that advice, I had never made a video of any kind. I didn’t know how to do it. But Adam’s comments kind of woke me up. I decided to make something honest about my life and my friends. A web series. My good friend and fellow comedian Ben DeMarco is an amazing editor and producer who shoots and directs the series. He’s the talented guy who made this possible.

"Danny" is a semi autobiographical web series about the life I live in New York and the friends who help me screw it up. Hope you enjoy it.

"Danny" Episode 1: Benny D

In the pilot of "Danny" we meet Benny D and learn how Danny's friends are ruining his life.

"Danny" Episode 2: Scott Sharp

Scott stops by for a visit at an inopportune time. Danny and Scott visit a couple comedy clubs and talk shit about each other.

"Danny" Episode 3: Dustin Ybarra

Danny's excitement about a date hits a snag. Co-starring Julia Reiss.

"Danny" Episode 4: Grace

Danny falls for a cute waitress at The Stand.

COMING SOON: "Danny" Episode 5, Part One: Ricky

Ricky and Julie begrudgingly agree to host a double date with Danny and Grace.