Danny Palmer

Stand Up Comic and Writer


Not really

Yo, what up and shit dude? Did you go to that party? Yeah, her cat is kind of a dick. See, now we're all BEST FRIENDS. Welcome to my website.

I do stand up comedy in NYC and I drink and hang out with people. Sometimes I'm just sitting alone in my apartment. Some pages of my website brag about shit I've done or display some of the Someecards I wrote. Others are just for when you're super baked.

It's kind of fun. Like, for 10 minutes or so. I wouldn't spend your whole afternoon on my website. That seems kind of weird. Like there are other things you could be doing. But stay as long as you want and send me a message talking shit or booking me for a dope show. Or if you're a super hot girl just come over to my apartment or something. I don't have wine on hand per se but I can get wine. There's a store down the street, it's quick.